"Driver Dan's" Opinions

of the 2008 Racing Season

All opinions are my own and do not represent any track, sanctioning body or my teammates!

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July 5

Don't you just hate it when you have a brain fade? There was a new car out there, the 02, which turns out to also be a mid-80's Baldwin chassis very similar to ours. On a restart I saw an opening underneath him going into turn 1 and went in a bit too hot (fast). Then, when I hit the brakes the car started to push up into him, then I brain faded... I hit the brakes harder causing the car to push up into him harder, rather than burping the throttle to get the tail of the car to whip around and get away from him. We chatted afterward and he understood. We both are ready to get back out there and see again which Baldwin chassis is faster! ;) That's what you gotta love about racing... the fact that we go out there, try our best to do our best, and allow each other to accept fault but go back out there again. If more in our class would do that, the more they would get out of the sport.

Now, for lack of class, my nominee is the #17 street stock. We saw him put the #2 in the back wall during their main event and we saw the intent, not the oops. And did he take the fault? Heck no! He'd rather tell a bone faced lie to "secure his manhood" than to truly show some class and say "Sorry, I messed up but I really didn't think you'd go in the wall. I was just trying to use the #70 as a pick and keep you from passing me!", or something like that. We were on the spotter's stand and could see his hands move the steering wheel to the right... and he was way past the point of where the transition can throw the car to the right. Perhaps some time thinking about things will help, at least we can hope!

June 23

Where were the cars??????

I know... they were in Sonoma racing, helping or watching! I am sure glad that some guys made the tow from Madera and hope we can repay by going down there sometime this year.

Anyway, I do have to say I liked what they tried to do with this race and hope they do it again. They combined finishes from the two 75 lap races and gave 5 bonus points to the race winners. That was kinda cool. The really cool thing was what they planned to do if they ran a B-main. They were going to take the 20 quickest cars and lock them into the mains. Then they were going to transfer 5 (or 6) from the B-main. Now, the really cool part. If anyone got torn up in the first 75 and could not start the 2nd 75, then they would fill the second main field with non-transfer cars based upon qualifying times. That makes sure there is a full field for the fans, AND the non-transfer cars have the chance to race again!

The purse bottomed out pretty quick, but that is such a MINOR detail. The purse will grow when the field grows, the stands fill and the word gets out!

Good job, AAS!!! 

May 24

What was all that about????? My gosh!!!!

I'm kinda glad that I broke on lap 13. They were letting most of those Late Model drivers get away with way too much, in my opinion. Paulie looked more like a modified that someone that supposedly wants to move up above local late models. Mike Mansch was launched into the turn 3 wall; and if it wasn't for the fact that I saw a BMR car push Shannon around first, then I would have thought she was paying the BMR car back for putting her husband in the wall. In fact, while I was broke on the front stretch I had 3 idiots ignore the officials and fly between me and the push vehicle (that was trying to cross over to get me) TWICE!!! It looked like I was going to get nailed a few times. Sheesh, it's a yellow! You'll get your position back!

Besides, what are we racing for? $1,000 to win. Is it really worth it? I'm quite sure the amount of damage done to the field of late models exceeds the purse paid out. COME ON FOLKS, USE YOUR NOGGINS FOR MORE THAN KEEPING YOUR HELMET ON YOUR SHOULDERS! I find it extremely insulting to our fans, our sponsors and to ourselves that we have message boards and comments from viewers about how we take forever to complete a race, look like a destruction derby, or worse yet... are boring! I know "rubbin' is racin'" and that eight tires grip better than four. But that doesn't mean that we need to rip the fenders off, destroy noses and resurface the concrete walls.

Let's start now, to take it very personally, to reach down deep inside, and perhaps even heed the words of Shakespeare and "above all else, to thine own self be true". Let's all shoulder the responsibility and honor bestowed upon us to represent things that are positive! Be visual representations that bring honor and praise to those that put so much into what they do so that we can go around in circles. Show respect for the fans, for your competitors, for your teammates, for your car owners, for your sponsors, and most of all... for yourself.

We are the product! We are what we are... let's be the best!

Mostly......     HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

May 3

When is throwing a "mostly full" water bottle at someone acceptable behavior?!

I know if I do it, I'll get parked... if one of my crew does it, I'll get parked and they'll get tossed. But let us try to point out that someone that left 4 puddles of oil (2 of which were in FRONT of my car by 1 & 2 car lengths) then it is okay for someone with a headset and a white shirt with writing on it to toss one at a 16 year old, enthusiastic kid.

I recognize that we all don't handle pressure the right way all the time; that we sometimes act in ways that we are ashamed; that we do things we wish we could take back. I'm betting that person I described has been feeling some of these feelings (or at least I hope they have)!

We will try our best to keep having fun out there and helping keep our venue as safe as possible. "Bear" appreciated our assistance in pointing out a bolt on the track during the Street Stock heat race, as example. We mainly are expecting that the person that reacted with such open hostility will not be doing it with regularity, and will endeavor to act with the stature due the respect of their position.

April 30

Wow! What else can I say? The new track design at Roseville is a blast to run. It is much more forgiving and you don't suffer too badly when you make a mistake. The upper groove needs some more curing/aging before it comes into it's own... as it should!

I wish the track could afford a few more officials to help with tech and staging. But that is about the worst thing I can say. They ran a great program and everyone seemed to behave themselves while putting on some good racing.

Next week is a 100 lapper for the late models and they are running last. So, let's just see how things work out!

April 12

Please look forward to my comments here... which will be VERY soon!!! ;)

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All opinions are my own and do not represent any track, sanctioning body or my teammates!

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