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Eric and Brenda Price of Price Racing Aluminum Products in Sacramento, CA


John Parker Wilson of Parker's Hotdogs with 2 locations in Roseville:

              1605-A Douglas Boulevard (786-2202)         

7456 Foothills Blvd. #13 (782-0338)

Patron Trucking

4645 Raley Blvd, Sacramento, CA


ACE Tire & Wheel

7441 Auburn Blvd.

Citrus Heights, CA



Bud Walmer and the gang at Bud Walmer's Machine Shop in Orangevale, CA


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Spencer Emerson

Mel Wilson

Dick Meadows

Tom Stretch Justin Stretch

Justin Rowley

Walt Best

Jerry and Judy Patterson

Jim and Sally Cherry


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Goodbye, Dale!

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"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored."

-Aldous Huxley


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