The Cars of Driver Dan Racing

Most Current photos


Our first damage from actually racing for position!


Historical photos

The first car I owned was a 1969 AMC Rebel in the Bomber Division.

1986                                                   1987


The next car I got was a 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo in the Street Stock Division, nicknamed Xena.

First night, 1997                                            1998


And thenů Xena's passing on 9/4/99

Then I bought the Chevrolet Lumina Pro Stock, nicknamed Lizzie.

2000, at the All American Speedway.

After I finished 8th at the 2000 Shasta Speedway Open Show.


In 2001, I was able to have fun running a Modified for the first time. S&W Racing had two modifieds that I got to run.

Old Faithful                                             The new modified

We picked up a street stock to run for fun in 2004.

We raced Lizzie in the WestCar Series until 2007, when we finally decided she wasn't able to cut the mustard anymore!

We started on her replacement and have yet to officially give her a name...


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